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IMPORTANT (Please read and spread)

IMPORTANT (Please read and spread)

The current increase in multiple taxes on real estate can have serious impact on all DHAs. These DHAs are primarily meant to provide some relief to retiring Military officers, who generally run from paycheck to paycheck throughout their service. One or two plots allotted in DHAs are the only assets mostly have for funding our post retirement expenses.

As per Law DHAs are supposed to be similar to Federal or Provincial authorities like CDA or LDA. However there is one discrimination faced by DHAs. Govt agencies like LDA CDA etc get Federal government and Provincial government grants in their budget to finance the infrastructure development. In addition large projects like hospitals, universities and Metros etc are funded by Federal or Provincial PSDP. On the other hand DHAs do not have this facility. They are funding their own infrastructure development, and for routine civic services residents pay fixed fees.

With newly levied taxes on Property DHAs will be collecting huge taxes for Govt and in return will not get anything. We need to propagate to concerned authorities to take the case with Govt for eradicating this discrepancy. Either Govt should fund the large infrastructure projects in DHAs also as its done for LDA CDA etc, Or the Taxes collected by DHAs be kept with DHAs for this purpose.

Please don’t mind I really feel robbed by the Govt and intend Posting this info multiple times for max circulation.

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