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*Prism DHA Lahore Phase 9 Development Update July 2016*

*Prism DHA Lahore Phase 9 Development Update July 2016*


<<< Standing in Prism A Block While Taking Picture *Prism DHA Lahore Phase 9 Development Update* More Pictures Can Be Seen At Lahore Rral Estate Facebook Page Here or here Time to make long term investment again in Prism plots taking advantage of this current taxes confusion buying opportunity. Please dont look for short term. Prism is going to return you most in 3 year from even todays prices that have out performed all other Lahore housing projects in DHA Lahore and all Lahore property market. To buy sell plots here or to get free assessment of your plot you are buying or selling anywhere or stay fully updated on daily bases on development prices trends please leave SMS or a free WhatsApp text message at +16308024186 or +92322492992 . Choudry Mujahid Yasin ( CMY ) +16308024186

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  1. rashid

    on   said 

    Dear LRE team, i really appreciate for your valuable comments on various aspects of real estate projects. Would you please help me to evaluate K 1537 5 Marla and M 222 1 Kanal plots. Regards


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