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Grand Avenues Lahore 1 Oct 2016



Grand Avenues Lahore

( A gift for Lahore Real Estate for people that cant afford DHA Bahria or Lake City plots. In my WhatsApp audio I promised to find 4 options for low income people that can return strongly and may be good for house too and are not just paper projects )

Very detailed information for this very affordable project will be updated here very soon when my hand s are able to type again . Send a SMS or WhatsApp message to +923224929992 if you cant wait to grab this early enough from Lahore Real Estate. You will be surprised at how low prices in this scheme for ready for construction plots. My request to please leave this project for only needy people wanted to build their dream houses and cant afford expense schemes like DHA Bahria etc. We can make money in other projects in days ahead with more options. Investors and Traders can make easy money next by buying DHA Rahbar Lake City Prism or DHA Multan at current discounted much lower prices now

More pictures hereincluding recent update by Lahore Real Estate Sarmad Imtiaz for Grand Avenues sale purchase

Map of Grand Avenues Lahore Updated Today

Map for another well developed low priced Sui Gas Lahore phase 2 is updated today

Lahore Real Estate now dealing in Grand Avenue Lahore after trying to make sure it will be safe investment for our clients. Rest only Allah knows what is ahead. We can only try.

Note: I am trying to fix posting errors for registered friends. Just can find free time.

By Choudry Mujahid Yasin ( CMY )
+923224929992 Plz store this number on your phone and use it for all direct messages to me and also for getting yourself & relatives or friends added to LRE WhatsApp group

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