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Lahore Ring Road DHA Area Construction Update 06 Oct 2016

Lahore Ring Road DHA Area Construction Update

FBR values of DHA to be reduced 1/3rd of current FBR values soon especially Prism kanal will be inshaAllah under 40 lacs FBR value to keep it tax free* 😆👌. Prism likely FBR value likely to 30 to 35 lacs max.

I strongly recommend buying Prism again in past week. Best buy time? From now till end of Muharram. Prism will be hot again with dealers going into baina fever again near end of Muharram.

The main reasons why I am recommending Prism etc against market current trwnd is Amnesty scheme for property in weeks Lahore Ring road now visible great development in Prism area (*A video of Prism area Lahore Ring Road is uploaded here* ) and much lower FBR values that will be under 40 lacs mean greatly reduced transfer costs for buer seller and no FBR involvement or capital tax will boost market in Prism Lahore after Muharram.

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